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him about." He turned to Kent. "Dick here can do the honors

description"Andwhenitwasn'tyouitwasMr.MooreandOwdBob.""OwdBob,blesshim!"calledastentorianvoice."Therecheersforo ...

"And when it wasn't you it was Mr. Moore and Owd Bob."

him about.

"Owd Bob, bless him!" called a stentorian voice. "There cheers for oor Bob!"

him about.

'Ip! 'ip! 'ooray!" It was taken up gallantly, and cast from mouth to mouth; and strangers, though they did not understand, caught the contagion and cheered too; and the uproar continued for some minutes.

him about.

When it was ended Lady Eleanour was standing up, a faint flush on her cheeks and her eyes flashing dangerously, like a queen at bay.

"Yes," she cried, and her clear voice thrilled through the air like a trumpet. "Yes; and now three cheers for Mr. M'Adam and his Red Wull! Hip! hip--"

"Hooray!" A little knowt of stalwarts at the back--James Moore, Parson Leggy, Jim Mason, and you may be sure in heart, at least, Owd Bob--responded to the call right lustily. The crowd joined in; and, once off, cheered and cheered again.

"Three cheers more for Mr. M'Adam!"

But the little man waved to them.